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My name is Cynthia, or I'm also known as Cyan. I play video games of different genres, and am not afraid to talk about it! I also luvs clothing and make-up. The Bay Area is my playground, and the Northwest is my home.

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April 08, 2010

Cyan's Tracker of Online Games

I wanted to make a tracker of games that I've already played and do not like / do like & will come back to. Maybe this list will help someone else who wants to play online games. :)

I want to make a note that many of these games are free or are on private servers.

(updated 4/8/10)


  • Allods Online (GPotato) - Graphics are OK, but controls are a bit clunky. May come back to, not too sure.
  • AIKA Online (GPotato) - Graphics are OK, but loading into the game ... gosh. Not looking to come back to this one.
  • Ragnarok Online 2 (Gravity) - Private server only as it's never been released internationally. Will not play again. Graphics are good, but incredibly clunky.
  • ROSE Online (Gravity) - Both private server and 7 day trial available! It's a little older, and bit lacking in quests, but fun none-the-less.
April 01, 2010

Lush Loves & Nots

Hello everyone!

I've been playing around with Lush for the past couple of months and I have to thank Nymphette especially for making me go out and get a sample of Angel on Bare Skin. :) Unfortunately, I haven't used these for too long because they're sample sized, but I've been able to get a good idea of what's good or not for my skin.

Just as a guide, I have acne-prone combo skin (oily + sensitive).

  • Dark Angels Cleanser -- NOT for me. I used this and within a few days I began to break out.
  • Angels on Bare Skin Cleanser -- YES for me. Thanks Nymphette! This feels wonderful and has been good to my skin. It's not harsh at all. <3
  • Cupcake Face Mask -- MAYBE for me. I need to try it out more, though it's supposed to be good for teen skin. Something that you can't buy online because it's only good for around 15 day ... it feels dry on the skin, LOL. Though your skin feels really nice afterwards.
  • Aromaco Deodorant -- SO-SO for me. The smell is nice to certain people, but to my boyfriend smells an old lady. So I've decided to change over to another Deodorant. Just to say, though, that this is extremely easy to put on and does not leave white chunks. Wet the smoothest part of the bar and glide it on your underarms and ta-daaa~ It works!! You will get chunks if you rub the coarse sides.


I'm currently trying out T'eo Deodorant and I will definitely put a review on that up sometime. As well, I'm looking forward to getting Sakura Bath Bomb as well as some of the toners.

March 16, 2010

Turning 20!

Woo hoo! Today is my birthday and I'm turning 20! May not be an exciting age, but I'm not a teen anymore. Which actually makes me sad since I still look like a middle/high schooler, haha! It sucks trying to get used to saying your age, but at least it's quick and simple.

Unfortunately my allergies have decided to hit and I'm stuck being sick, and I have tests today so I won't be able to do anything. Tomorrow is another day though. :)

March 07, 2010


I'm so excited to say that I have been working for the past week. We've been doing training everyday from 8AM-1:30PM and it has been a doozy! I've only been getting to sleep around 12AM-1AM so I only get around 5-6 hours of sleep. Way not enough for me, but hey, it's only 5 1/2 hours and I can take a nap during lunch so I'm OK with it.

I want to talk a lot about my job but we're currently under a no-talk agreement. When the time comes I can talk about it openly, haha. :) Let's just say this is a LOT of fun and I really enjoy it! We'll be working regular schedules after training is over this next week.

This all means -- for me -- that I finally get some money my way. A hefty few hundred, which will be the most extra money my bank account has seen in a LOOOOONG time (lol).

Here's my to-buy list for April:

  1. CONTACTS. I'm either going to get 6 mo or 1 year depending on if they still have a special going on. (4 boxes for $150 vs 2 boxes for $100)
  2. TELEVISION. My boyfriend took back his monitor! So my complex set up doesn't work anymore and I have nothing to exercise on. (I've been using my Wii Fit haha) It'd be awesome if we could get a cheap, small TV (around 20"-25") just to play video games in the outside room on.
  3. FOOD. I would love to stock up on basic neccessities that are usually too expensive for us. Lots of spices, freeze some meats, get lots of yummy snacks and oh, of course, more tupperware containers since the lids have mysteriously gone missing.
  4. DOG RELATED ... items. I got a card in the mail from the Luv My Pets (low-cost vaccinations) telling me that my doggles needs an update on his vaccinations and flea meds. Will gladly do so once I get paid! Don't want him getting anything.


I'd like to say that it's going to be interesting from now on, haha. The man isn't getting many hours and I'm the one working for one. Phew! I'd rather he worked since he does make quite a few more than me.

My make-up related stuff can be put on a hold, for the most part, cos my make-up collection is fine ... except the fact that my eyeshadows suck. All of them are shimmery and I lost my good eyeshadow palette. *cry*

That's it for now. :) I'll try to make another post around next week after training is done. Hooray!

February 17, 2010

Selling Stuff?

Hey everyone in N America,

I was wondering what kind of import items you guys like to buy? I'm thinking of mainly bento & bento related items, but then I also have the chance to buy things like stationary, cheap cosmetics and snax.

February 12, 2010

How To Look Good Naked


Sooo, as I hop around the net (ok, I actually went to someone's blog and found another), she had something interesting on her blog. I wasn't too sure on body shape, nor would I even know what mine is, so I took the quiz that's supposed to be a consultation for "How To Look Good Naked."

I took it and maybe I'll start buying to it to see if I look any better!

  • I am a classic cone.
  • I should buy coats that are single-breasted with A-line hem.
  • I should buy jackets that fall a bit below the hips with a similar style to coats.
  • Tops that I should wear are soft lined and asymmetric shapes. Though many other tops are fine.


There's a bit of advice for all parts of your outfit, including your skin and your hair. Though I think the advice I'll take most out of it really is the part about the coats and jackets. I never buy flattering coats or jackets ... so greaaat ideas for something to invest in. :)

February 10, 2010

College Food: Egg Drop Soup

I'm currently selling a book by FOOD NETWORK called "How to Boil Water"! $7 base price with $4 shipping (US Only). If you want to learn some ways to cook and some more recipes, buy it and try it! :)


Today I haven't been feeling so well ... and probably will not into tomorrow. Hoping I feel better, but here's something that someone suggested for eating when you're sick. Thanks to BabyGirl (post#4)!


Egg Drop Soup


- 1 can of chicken stock

- Sesame oil

- 2 eggs

- Some pepper


- Boil 1 cup of chicken stock in small pot. Put in TINY bit of sesame oil with chicken stock.

- Waiting for it to boil? Put 2 eggs in a bowl and mix together a bit.

- When it boils, slowly pour the eggs into pot. Stir the eggs as you do this to make it stringy.

The egg is done when it starts to really look like fried eggs. Woo hoo!


You could also (not sure where you would put it in) put corn inside of the pot. This is more of a basic egg drop soup that you could add into. Hooray for eggs!

February 09, 2010

Cheap College Food: Soup Bowl


I'm currently selling a book by FOOD NETWORK called "How to Boil Water"! $7 base price with $4 shipping (US Only). If you want to learn some ways to cook and some more recipes, buy it and try it! :)


Hey everyone! I haven't posted anything lately since school started. Haven't even been able to finish my list of Korean things to om nom nom. Anyways, since I've been broke (job hasn't started but I'll be going to an interview for another job in the mean time) I haven't been able to do much. Sigh.

Anyways, I want to post about my Lan experience later, but here is some yummy food for two on the cheap!

Soup Bowl

- One sourdough bread (rounded, kind of looks like a dot)

- Warm soup of choice -- we went with Beef Stew

1. Grab sourdough bread. The bottom will be flat and the top will be more curved -- that's how you want it. Cut horizontally to make the top flatter. (Save extra bread!) Dig into the bread to make a bowl.

2. Heat up your warm soup of choice. :)

3. Soup into bread bowl. THEN ENJOY!

It was sooo yummy. I'm surprised we didn't think about doing this before. The bread bowl was around $2.00 while the soup itself (big size) was around $3. So a filling, warm meal for $5 for TWO! Hooooray!

Now I'm kind of thinking where else I can go with this. :)

January 26, 2010

2010 Korean Cooking List

Hey y'all! Here's my list of food that I want to make during this next year, with about two recipes per month. :D I'm still building the list, so let's see how this goes!























January 07, 2010

Shopping List for LUSH

LUSH has started to grow on me, ever since I got a sample of underarm deodorant about 6 months ago. I'm looking to get more stuff and here's kind of my shopping list for them. If anyone has any personal reviews for these, definitely tell me how it went!